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Project Euler 120 Solution

Finding the maximum remainder when (a āˆ’ 1)n + (a + 1)n is divided by a2.

Project Euler 121 Solution

Investigate the game of chance involving colored discs.

Project Euler 123 Solution

Find the maximum remainder when (p āˆ’ 1)n + (p + 1)n is divided by p2 for prime p.

Project Euler 124 Solution

Find the kth element in a sorted list of radicals.

Project Euler 125 Solution

Finding square sums that are palindromic.

Project Euler 128 Solution

Find the 2000th hexagonal tile in which the differences between it and its 6 neighbors yield 3 primes.

Project Euler 129 Solution

Investigating minimal repunits that divide by n.

Project Euler 130 Solution

Finding composite values, n, for which nāˆ’1 is divisible by the length of the smallest repunits that divide it.

Project Euler 132 Solution

Determining the first forty prime factors of a very large repunit.

Project Euler 133 Solution

Investigating which primes will never divide a repunit containing 10**n digits.