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Project Euler 301 Solution

Finding Nim positions consisting of heap sizes n, 2n and 3n for n ≤ 230 that result in a losing game.

Project Euler 455 Solution

Powers With Trailing Digits

The Parallelogram Law Proven Analytically

Prove analytically that the sum of the squares of the four sides of a parallelogram is equal to the sum of the squares of the diagonals.

Facebook hiring sample test – Missing Term in an Arithmetic Progression

Missing Term in an Arithmetic Progression

Panmagic (Pandiagonal) and magic square generation, testing

Magic Squares While working on an idea for maximizing a return on a financial portfolio using magic squares, we though we would share our Python code in case someone else may have some use for it. import string def make_magic_square(n): if n < 1 or n == 2: return False if n % 2 == […]

Guess That Thingy Places Answers

Guess That Thingy Places – Answers, Solutions & Cheats: Pack 1 Level 1-50

Hollow Words Answers and Solutions – iPhone

Hollow Words Answers and Solutions Here are the Hollow Words answers for the popular iPhone/iPad game created by James Porter, who is known for other games like Brain Chain and What’s the Movie. These types of puzzles have been around for centuries. They are a type of rebus and have been taught in schools to […]

SPOJ Problem 1682. Deli Deli (DELI) Solution

Make plurals of English words from the given input

SPOJ Problem 4408. Build a Fence (FENCE1) Solution

Build a fence to maximize an area enclosed between the fence and a fixed wall

SPOJ Problem 42. Adding Reversed Numbers (ADDREV)

Add two reversed numbers and output their reversed sum