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Project Euler 455 Solution

Powers With Trailing Digits

The Parallelogram Law Proven Analytically

Prove analytically that the sum of the squares of the four sides of a parallelogram is equal to the sum of the squares of the diagonals.

Facebook hiring sample test – Missing Term in an Arithmetic Progression

Missing Term in an Arithmetic Progression

Project Euler 91 Solution

Right triangles with integer coordinates

Project Euler 301 Solution

Finding Nim positions consisting of heap sizes n, 2n and 3n for n ≤ 230 that result in a losing game.

Panmagic (Pandiagonal) and magic square generation, testing

Magic Squares While working on an idea for maximizing a return on a financial portfolio using magic squares, we though we would share our Python code in case someone else may have some use for it. import string def make_magic_square(n): if n < 1 or n == 2: return False if n % 2 == […]

Guess That Thingy Places Answers

Guess That Thingy Places – Answers, Solutions & Cheats: Pack 1 Level 1-50

Hollow Words Answers and Solutions – iPhone

Hollow Words Answers and Solutions Here are the Hollow Words answers for the popular iPhone/iPad game created by James Porter, who is known for other games like Brain Chain and What’s the Movie. These types of puzzles have been around for centuries. They are a type of rebus and have been taught in schools to […]

Project Euler 96 Solution

Solve SuDoku puzzles

Project Euler 90 Solution

An unexpected way of using two cubes to make a square.