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Medium Level SPOJ Problems

More solutions (fewer than 15 lines) to some SPOJ classical problems using Python that will cause one to pause and think. Then optimize for a first-place time spot. Most of these were written in Perl or C++ and I have been converting them to Python. Many solutions have Perl-like references and influences in them. SPOJ […]

SPOJ Problem 11. Factorial (FCTRL) Trailing zeros in factorials

Find the number of trailing zeros in a factorial

SPOJ Problem 1681. Cylinder Volume (CYLINDER) Solution

Find the largest volume of a cylinder cut and formed from a sheet of paper

SPOJ Problem 42. Adding Reversed Numbers (ADDREV)

Add two reversed numbers and output their reversed sum

SPOJ Problem 4408. Build a Fence (FENCE1) Solution

Build a fence to maximize an area enclosed between the fence and a fixed wall