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This blog was created by me, Mike Molony, in 2008 to backup and share my solutions to various problems that, at first, seemed tedious or difficult, but proved to have simple solutions after some deliberation and experimentation. All solutions were created by myself and I still check-in from time-to-time to answer questions or make new posts.

In general, I strive to solve problems in fewer than 20 lines of Python and run in less than a second. Sometimes I employ Pypy to help speed up the run time. Running Pypy does not require changes to the Python source files.

I have also included some examples from other programming challenge sites to demonstrate the submission procedure. The true value of a challenge is best savored by completing the assignment as best you can, but shouldn’t be hindered by complex or nebulous submission procedures.

While I do make posts that could reveal solutions or answers to publicly available problems, it is in the spirit of free speech, our innate right to hold any opinion and express it freely, that justifies their publication. It is that same freedom that “includes the freedom not to agree, not to listen and not to support one’s own antagonists.”1 So if offended or embittered by these posts I may suggest you turn away.

1“The Fascist New Frontier,”
The Ayn Rand Column
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