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Guess That Thingy Places Answers

Guess That Thingy Places – Answers, Solutions & Cheats: Pack 1 Level 1-50

Hollow Words Answers and Solutions – iPhone

Hollow Words Answers and Solutions Here are the Hollow Words answers for the popular iPhone/iPad game created by James Porter, who is known for other games like Brain Chain and What’s the Movie. These types of puzzles have been around for centuries. They are a type of rebus and have been taught in schools to […]

The Impossible Test Christmas Answers for iPhone/iPad

Answers and techniques for solving the Impossible Test Christmas. Revised for newest version 1/17/2013

Geared Game Solutions for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

Because of some frustration and claims of unsolvable levels we took screen shots of solutions for every level. We understand that sometimes it nice just to know what to expect from some of these tricky levels.