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Project Euler 172 Solution

Find how many 18-digit numbers (without leading zeros) there are such that no digit occurs more than three times in base 10.

Project Euler 163 Solution

Find the number of triangles present in a cross-hatched triangle of size n.

Project Euler 190 Solution

Maximizing a weighted product

Project Euler 183 Solution

Project Euler 183: Find the maximum product of equal parts of a number and determine whether the that product is a terminating or non-terminating decimal .

Project Euler 179 Solution

Find the number of consecutive integers pairs that have the same number of positive divisors.

Project Euler 188 Solution

Find the last digits of a tetration calculation.

Project Euler 174 Solution

Counting the number of “hollow” square laminae that can form one, two, three, … distinct arrangements.

Project Euler 173 Solution

Using up to one million tiles find many different “hollow” square laminae can be formed.

Project Euler 162 Solution

Find hexadecimal numbers containing at most 16 hexadecimal digits exist with all of the digits 0, 1 and A present at least once

Project Euler 182 Solution

RSA encryption