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More solutions to SPOJ programming problems

More solutions (fewer than 10 lines) to some SPOJ classical problems using Python. Note: SPOJ may prevent Python from being used for solving some problems or set time limits suitable only for compiled languages. some of these were originally written in Perl and have been rewritten in Python. Many solutions have Perl-like references and influences […]

102 Easier Classical SPOJ Solutions using Python

102 concise rough-draft Python programs concentrating on formulaic solutions to easier problems on SPOJ.

Adding, removing, changing social icons in the WordPress Divi Theme 2.4+

Adding social icons and resources to your Elegant Themes Divi 2.4 theme

Project Euler 207 Solution

Integer partition equations

Project Euler 172 Solution

Find how many 18-digit numbers (without leading zeros) there are such that no digit occurs more than three times in base 10.

Project Euler 163 Solution

Find the number of triangles present in a cross-hatched triangle of size n.

Project Euler 190 Solution

Maximizing a weighted product

Project Euler 317 Solution

Find the volume (in m3) of the region through which the fragments of an air-burst firecracker move before reaching the ground.

Project Euler 318 Solution

Counting the number of consecutive nines at the beginning of the fractional part of (√p+√q)2n

Project Euler 327 Solution

Rooms of Doom