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Project Euler 183 Solution

Project Euler 183: Find the maximum product of equal parts of a number and determine whether the that product is a terminating or non-terminating decimal .

Project Euler 371 Solution

Find the expected number of plates that must be observed to find two that total 1,000.

Project Euler 140 Solution

Modified Fibonacci golden nuggets

Project Euler 327 Solution

Rooms of Doom

Project Euler 147 Solution

Count the number of horizontal, vertical and diagonal rectangles in a rectangular grid

Project Euler 102 Solution

Determine if the origin is contained inside a triangle.

Project Euler 95 Solution

Find the smallest member of the longest amicable chain

Project Euler 93 Solution

Find a set of terms that produce longest set of consecutive digits

Project Euler 98 Solution

Find the largest square number formed by pairs of encoded anagrams.

Project Euler 101 Solution

Investigate the optimum polynomial function to model the first k terms of a given sequence.