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Project Euler 123 Solution

Find the maximum remainder when (p − 1)n + (p + 1)n is divided by p2 for prime p.

Project Euler 128 Solution

Find the 2000th hexagonal tile in which the differences between it and its 6 neighbors yield 3 primes.

Project Euler 139 Solution

Find how many Pythagorean triangles allow tiling with a perimeter < 100,000,000.

Project Euler 231 Solution

The prime factorisation of binomial coefficients

Project Euler 288 Solution

Find the number of factors in an enormous factorial.

Project Euler 83 Solution

Find a minimum path sum in a matrix from the top left to the bottom right corners by moving up, down, left or right.

Project Euler 93 Solution

Find a set of terms that produce longest set of consecutive digits

Project Euler 94 Solution

Find the sum of the perimeters of all almost equilateral triangles with integral side lengths and area.

Project Euler 95 Solution

Find the smallest member of the longest amicable chain

Project Euler 98 Solution

Find the largest square number formed by pairs of encoded anagrams.