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Project Euler 231 Solution

The prime factorisation of binomial coefficients

Project Euler 91 Solution

Right triangles with integer coordinates

Project Euler 301 Solution

Finding Nim positions consisting of heap sizes n, 2n and 3n for n ≤ 230 that result in a losing game.

Project Euler 92 Solution

Investigating a square digits number chain with a surprising property.

Project Euler 133 Solution

Investigating which primes will never divide a repunit containing 10**n digits.

Project Euler 132 Solution

Determining the first forty prime factors of a very large repunit.

Project Euler 113 Solution

Count how many numbers below a googol (10**100) are not “bouncy”

Project Euler 49 Solution

Find arithmetic sequences, made of prime terms, whose four digits are permutations of each other.

Project Euler 60 Solution

Find a set of five primes for which any two primes concatenate to produce another prime.

Common Functions and Routines for Project Euler

Common functions and helpful tools used to solve problems in Project Euler: Downloadable source: Euler.py source A set of routines used to help solve math problems. Euler.py is included as needed. The example below shows typical Python usage: from Euler import is_prime, is_perm Here is the contents of Euler.py from math import sqrt, ceil import […]