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Project Euler 139 Solution

Find how many Pythagorean triangles allow tiling with a perimeter < 100,000,000.

Project Euler 231 Solution

The prime factorisation of binomial coefficients

Project Euler 455 Solution

Powers With Trailing Digits

Project Euler 205 Solution

Comparing four-sided and six-sided dice

Project Euler 203 Solution

Find the sum of the distinct square-free numbers in the first 51 rows of Pascal’s triangle.

Project Euler 206 Solution

Find the unique positive integer for a concealed square.

Project Euler 219 Solution

Skew-cost coding

Project Euler 225 Solution

Tribonacci non-divisors

Project Euler 235

An Arithmetic Geometric sequence

Project Euler 242 Solution

Odd triplets in Pascal’s triangle.