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Large Integers

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Project Euler 249 Solution

Prime Subset Sums

Project Euler 250


Project Euler 137

Determining the value of infinite polynomial series for which the coefficients are Fibonacci numbers.

Project Euler 80

Calculating the digital sum of the decimal digits of irrational square roots.

Project Euler 66

Investigate the Diophantine equation x2 − Dy2 = 1.

Project Euler 133

Investigating which primes will never divide a repunit containing 10**n digits.

Project Euler 99

Which base/exponent pair in the file has the greatest numerical value?

Project Euler 40 Solution

Compose Champernowne’s constant

Project Euler 121

Investigate the game of chance involving coloured discs.

Project Euler 20

Find the sum of the digits in 100!