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Project Euler 71 Solution

Listing reduced proper fractions in ascending order of size.

Project Euler 72 Solution

How many elements would be contained in the set of reduced proper fractions for d ≤ 1,000,000?

Project Euler 73 Solution

Find the number of fractions that lie between 1/3 and 1/2 in a sorted set of reduced proper fractions.

Project Euler 74 Solution

Determine the number of factorial chains that contain exactly sixty non-repeating terms.

Project Euler 75 Solution

Count the different lengths of wire that can form a right angle triangle in only one way.

Project Euler 76 Solution

How many different ways can one hundred be written as a sum of at least two positive integers?

Project Euler 77 Solution

Find the first value which can be written as the sum of primes in over five thousand different ways.

Project Euler 78 Solution

Investigating the number of ways in which coins can be separated into piles.

Project Euler 79 Solution

By analysing a user’s login attempts, can you determine the secret numeric passcode?

Project Euler 80 Solution

Calculating the sum of the decimal digits of irrational square roots.