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Project Euler 84 Solution

In the game, Monopoly, find the three most popular squares when using two 4-sided dice.

Project Euler 87 Solution

Investigating numbers that can be expressed as the sum of a prime square, cube, and fourth power.

Project Euler 80 Solution

Calculating the sum of the decimal digits of irrational square roots.

Project Euler 64 Solution

Find the continued fractions for N ≤ 10000 have an odd period.

Project Euler 66 Solution

Investigate the Diophantine equation x2 − Dy2 = 1.

Project Euler 73 Solution

Find the number of fractions that lie between 1/3 and 1/2 in a sorted set of reduced proper fractions.

Project Euler 72 Solution

How many elements would be contained in the set of reduced proper fractions for d ≤ 1,000,000?

Project Euler 71 Solution

Listing reduced proper fractions in ascending order of size.

Project Euler 61 Solution

Find the sum of the only set of six 4-digit figurate numbers with a cyclic property.

Project Euler 86 Solution

Exploring the shortest path from one corner of a cuboid to another.