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Project Euler 318 Solution

Counting the number of consecutive nines at the beginning of the fractional part of (√p+√q)2n

Project Euler 26 Solution

Find the value of d < 1000 for which 1/d contains the longest recurring cycle.

Project Euler 33 Solution

Discover all the fractions with an unorthodox cancelling method.

Project Euler 64 Solution

Find the continued fractions for N ≤ 10000 have an odd period.

Project Euler 66 Solution

Investigate the Diophantine equation x2 − Dy2 = 1.

Project Euler 71 Solution

Listing reduced proper fractions in ascending order of size.

Project Euler 72 Solution

How many elements would be contained in the set of reduced proper fractions for d ≤ 1,000,000?

Project Euler 73 Solution

Find the number of fractions that lie between 1/3 and 1/2 in a sorted set of reduced proper fractions.