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Project Euler 40 Solution

Compose Champernowne’s constant

Project Euler 41 Solution

Find the largest n-digit pandigital prime that exists

Project Euler 42 Solution

Count how many ‘triangle words’ a list of common English words contain.

Project Euler 43 Solution

Find the sum of all pandigital numbers with an unusual sub-string divisibility property.

Project Euler 44 Solution

Find the smallest pair of pentagonal numbers whose sum and difference is pentagonal.

Project Euler 45 Solution

Find the next triangle number that is also pentagonal and hexagonal after 40755

Project Euler 46 Solution

Find the smallest odd composite that cannot be written as the sum of a prime and twice a square.

Project Euler 47 Solution

Find the first four consecutive integers to have four distinct primes factors.

Project Euler 48 Solution

Find the last ten digits of 1^1 + 2^2 + … + 1000^1000.

Project Euler 49 Solution

Find arithmetic sequences, made of prime terms, whose four digits are permutations of each other.