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Project Euler 249 Solution

Prime Subset Sums

Project Euler 250 Solution

Find the number of non-empty subsets of {11, 22, 33,…, 250250250250}, the sum of whose elements is divisible by 250.

Generating Pythagorean Triples

Euclid’s simple formula to generate Pythagorean triples.

Find Solutions for Krypto Math Game Problems

Solve Krypto math problems

Project Euler 137 Solution

Determining the value of infinite polynomial series for which the coefficients are Fibonacci numbers.

Project Euler 138 Solution

Investigating isosceles triangle for which the height and base length differ by one.

Project Euler 120 Solution

Finding the maximum remainder when (a − 1)n + (a + 1)n is divided by a2.

Project Euler 179 Solution

Find the number of consecutive integers pairs that have the same number of positive divisors.

Get the index (‘id’) from the most recently inserted record in MySQL using PHP

Getting the ‘id’ index from the last INSERT in MySQL

Geared Game Solutions for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

Because of some frustration and claims of unsolvable levels we took screen shots of solutions for every level. We understand that sometimes it nice just to know what to expect from some of these tricky levels.