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100 Easier Classical SPOJ Solutions in Python

Short collection of rough draft Python programs concentrating on formulaic solutions.

More solutions to SPOJ programming problems

More solutions (fewer than 10 lines) to some SPOJ classical problems using Python. Warning: SPOJ may prevent Python from being used for solving some problems or set time limits suitable only for archaic compiled languages. Most of these were written in Perl and I have been converting them to Python. Many solutions have Perl-like references […]

SPOJ Problem 11. Factorial (FCTRL) Trailing zeros in factorials

Find the number of trailing zeros in a factorial

SPOJ Problem 1680. Black and white painting (BLACK)

How many 8 × 8 chess boards are embedded in a painting which consists solely of black and white squares, arranged in a checkered pattern

SPOJ Problem 1681. Cylinder (CYLINDER) Solution

Find the largest volume of a cylinder cut and formed from a sheet of paper

SPOJ Problem 1682. Deli Deli (DELI) Solution

Make plurals of English words from the given input

SPOJ Problem 42. Adding Reversed Numbers (ADDREV)

Add two reversed numbers and output their reversed sum

SPOJ Problem 4408. Build a Fence (FENCE1) Solution

Build a fence to maximize an area enclosed between the fence and a fixed wall