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Project Euler 84 Solution

In the game, Monopoly, find the three most popular squares when using two 4-sided dice.

Project Euler 59 Solution

Using a brute force attack, decrypt the cipher using XOR encryption

Common Functions and Routines for Project Euler

Common functions and helpful tools used to solve problems in Project Euler: A set of routines used to help solve math problems. Euler.py is included as needed. The example below shows typical Python usage: from Euler import is_prime, is_perm Here is the contents of Euler.py from math import sqrt, ceil import random import itertools fact […]

Project Euler 124 Solution

Determining the kth element of the sorted radical function.

Project Euler 17 Solution

Count how many letters would be needed to write all the numbers in words from 1 to 1000.

Project Euler 182 Solution

RSA encryption

Project Euler 85 Solution

Investigating the number of rectangles in a rectangular grid.