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Alternate source for Project Euler problems

Alternate source for Project Euler problems

Common Functions and Routines for Project Euler

Common functions and helpful tools used to solve problems in Project Euler: A set of routines used to help solve math problems. Euler.py is included as needed. The example below shows typical Python usage: from Euler import is_prime, is_perm Here is the contents of Euler.py from math import sqrt, ceil import random import itertools fact […]

Get the index (‘id’) from the most recently inserted record in MySQL using PHP

Getting the ‘id’ index from the last INSERT in MySQL

Las Vegas Hotel Addresses, Phone Numbers

Data for major Las Vegas hotels

Panmagic (Pandiagonal) and magic square generation, testing

While working on an idea for maximizing a return on a financial portfolio using magic squares, we though we would share our Python code in case someone else may have some use for it. import string def make_magic_square(n): if n < 1 or n == 2: return False if n % 2 == 1: return […]

Source Code for Master Lock Combination Calculator

Source code in PHP for calculating combination possibilities given the last number in a combination for Master combination locks.