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Hollow Words Answers and Solutions – iPhone

Hollow Words Answers and Solutions

Hollow Words answers logo

Here are the Hollow Words answers for the popular iPhone/iPad game created by James Porter, who is known for other games like Brain Chain and What’s the Movie. These types of puzzles have been around for centuries. They are a type of rebus and have been taught in schools to enhance word association. Hollow Words is a fun and easy word-play game with a few obtuse puzzles that require some study.

In Hollow Words you see a visual representation of popular phrases and select letters from a set to complete the puzzle. You can, for a virtual price, have non-essential letters removed, get a clue or buy the answer.

Hollow Words answers for Set 1 through Set 14

Here are the Hollow Words answers to all the rebus puzzle sets 1-14.

Tip: One tip that seems to help solve a lot of puzzles without having to use a clue is to determine one word you’re sure is in the puzzle and place it anywhere by tapping on the letters. The intention is to remove letters from the bottom letter tray and study which letters remain. You can usually unscramble these letters to find a missing word or phrase. After you figured out the answer, recall all the letters and place them in the proper order.

Tip: If you’re really stuck, you can use the remove letters clue to remove all non-essential letters and run the remainder through an anagram finder such as the Internet Anagram Server

Source: Hollow Words answers by C0smicPenguin

Yankee Robinson

An example of an old rebus that uses pictograms as well as English words to encrypt a message.

New York Clipper, August 21, 1869, p. 159. “Answer to rebus.”

Yankee Robinson’s
Consolidated Show, largest on earth
over 400 men and horses
will be at every principal place in New York
anybody who decyphers this rebus
will receive a ticket by forking over 50 cts.


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