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Project Euler 114 Solution

Count the ways a row measuring fifty units in length could be filled with blocks three units long.

Project Euler 139 Solution

Find how many Pythagorean triangles allow tiling with a perimeter < 100,000,000.

Project Euler 231 Solution

The prime factorisation of binomial coefficients

Project Euler 455 Solution

Powers With Trailing Digits

Project Euler 91 Solution

Right triangles with integer coordinates

Project Euler 301 Solution

Finding Nim positions consisting of heap sizes n, 2n and 3n for n ≤ 230 that result in a losing game.

Project Euler 96 Solution

Solve SuDoku puzzles

Project Euler 90 Solution

An unexpected way of using two cubes to make a square.

Project Euler 205 Solution

Comparing four-sided and six-sided dice

Project Euler 219 Solution

Skew-cost coding